This is one of those things that we are super excited to share with you.  Another example of how awesome God is, and how he cares for those in need.

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but every single one of the families in the Keep One Home sponsorship program has been sponsored!   This means that a total of 156 families, with a combined total of over 400 children has a support net underneath them that they need to stay together when times get tough.  Which as we have seen is an all to common experience for families who live on only 25 USD per month.  This means each family has medical care, food support, a savings account and access to our staff for counseling and other needs as they arise.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has helped out by sponsoring and helping spread the word about these families and the simple way we can step up to help them get ahead.   This means more than you could ever know to these families.