Remember the girl who I wrote about a few days ago?  The one who has a scar on her face that we are hoping to get removed?  Well…  Good things have happened since that post was written, folks all over the world (literally) have written offering to help, and we now have a commitment from a plastic surgeon in America who agreed to do the surgery for free!  Praise God!

As you can imagine this is both a huge blessing, and also means a good deal of logistics to make it come together.  Now we will start working on getting her a passport, and a medical visa, but it is more than worth it for the little girls life who will be changed through this, we are just blessed that it is all coming together so quickly.  The plan right now is for Thomas to travel with her to America where they will stay with a family who will has offered to take them in while the surgery and follow up treatments get taken care of.

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote and helped make this come together.  We feel blessed by the way you all tackle problems like this and find solutions.

Also, I have some other great news to share with you. I mentioned in the last post that Everly (our 4 year old Ethiopian daughter) and I are in America this week meeting with doctors about her heart condition, yesterday we got some very promising news.  They said that the valve in her heart that was causing concern has become a little less of a blockage than it was last year.  Meaning that she is less likely to need a surgery than she was before because the blood is now flowing through that area more easily.  They say that things rarely go this direction, but that sometimes it does happen. They still need to do more tests again next year, and we are not completely out of the woods because much changes in the heart over these years when she is growing, but that this is better than they were expecting to see.  What a relief this is for us.  Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying with us about this.

I am looking forward to getting back to Ethiopia where Jessie has been single parenting our other three kids and watching over things at Bring Love In.  She is a trooper, and my best friend who I miss very much today.

I have to say, the complication of having to travel so far for something like this is one of the hardest thing about living in Ethiopia.   But God is good, and we are thankful that he is watching over everything, and that we are able to come and get this done.  We are blessed.