We are so blessed today, looking back on the December giving, and how all of you rallied around the cause and shared Bring Love In with your friends, its amazing!  Thank you so so much!

December was our biggest month of giving by almost double!  And because of your generosity the funding crisis we were facing has been completely taken care of! (and then some) How amazing is that?!

Today we get to start looking forward at this coming year, and are thankful to feel supported in these efforts.  This past week we have been working on registering the 100 new families (Some government paperwork delays held us up from doing this earlier in December as planned, thankfully its all moving forward now)  and are excited to start seeing the change in their lives.

Good things are coming!  Thanks again for your help, and support, we are blessed to be here watching all of these amazing things unfold through your generosity!

(Sorry for my overuse of the exclamation point, I don’t know how else to share with you how blessed we feel, and excited for the future we are)

Levi and Jessie

* Side note here, for all of you who gave towards Bring Love In during the year of 2013, you will be receiving an email from us in the next few weeks with your tax deductible donation receipt for use on your taxes.