We are constantly amazed at the creative ways that people from all around the world come up with to bless the work that Bring Love In is doing here in Ethiopia.   And today’s post is proof that things just keep getting more exciting and interesting!  Are you ready for this?   Some of our friends in Montana decided they wanted to put their skills to use and came up with something that is not only creative but it brings the idea of business for good to a whole new dimension.  Dogs.  Yep. You heard me.     But don’t take my word for it.  Watch this video and learn more about the WO Bone. (WO stands for Widows and Orphans of coarse!) 




Let’s hear more from Josh and the WO Bone team about their new product and why this matters to Bring Love In.  

The WO Bone is a dog toy that is different from any dog toy you may have seen before.  Yes, it’s made in the USA, buoyant, recyclable and guaranteed. But, even better than those things … Each WO Bone you purchase provides home cooked meals for orphaned school children in Addis Ababba, Ethiopia!

4 Ways YOU can be involved:

  1. Strongly consider how you will fund the WO Bone on RocketHub here
  2. Connect with WO Design on Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)
  3. Watch the WO Bone Launch video
  4. Tell your friends … share/like/tweet and stuff!

Hey, Media folks … there are high resolution product images and a press release draft atwodesign.com. Click the “Media” icon on the bottom of the page.  



A note from the Founder

WO Design is 100% committed to creating products that ultimately benefit widows + orphans in developing countries. We are VERY excited to launch our first product and I am asking for your help. Follow us on Twitter at @designforwo and/or Facebook (here) and let us know what you think about our mission and vision. 

I am eagerly looking forward to the WO Bone campaign and I hope you will join us as we pursue this calling to produce and sell products that ultimately benefit widows + orphans in developing countries.  

— Josh Allen

PS.  If you know of others that you think would like to hear about WO Design and the launch of our first product, the WO Bone, please forward this email to them … or, send me their contact info to josh@wodesign.com.


Learn more … 

Learn about why WO Design exists, how we plan to proceed and how you can be involved!

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