This past month was incredible.  Not just a little bit either, I mean over the top God moving in a way that only He can-incredible.

For starters we finally made it past all of the hurdles that stood in the way of opening the  first forever families in Ethiopia.  Setota our precious little “gift from heaven” moved in with her new mother.  This alone was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, then to get even better we finished the paperwork on the next batch of children who will be coming in as soon as the fiscal year ends (a few days from now). Meaning the two homes that we have opened will be full, and we get to start working on opening other homes!

I don’t really know how to put into words what this has been like for us to finally get to this place after so much work towards this goal, but I have to trust that you believe me when I say this is huge! And God get’s all the glory!

Then, Anna Palsgrove, a woman who we have never even met before, felt God stirring her to dream big for her birthday.

I know you and I have all heard stories of how God moves through people who choose to have faith that is bigger than themselves.

This though is faith on a whole new level! And it is inspiring me to trust Him like never before.

Anna decided that she wanted to do a fundraiser for her birthday. She wanted to raise enough money to sponsor two Bring Love In forever families for two years.  So she made a video about how she felt God was calling her to step out in faith, and almost instantly something started happening.

At the end of the month more than 3000 people had watched the video, more than $35,000 had been donated from literally hundreds of people all over the planet, most of whom neither we nor Anna have ever even met!  UPDATE.  Make that $39,300!!!!!!

Again, no words.  Just awe at the bigness that is God and how incredible it was that this all came together.

People have been writing telling us how God had prompted them to give to something, often giving them a number that they were to donate today, then someone would send them the link, or they would stumble onto the video on Facebook.   It was almost as though God were doing something in the hearts of hundreds of people all around the world at the same time.

And He gets all the glory here.  Anna, and all of the hundreds of people who stepped up and gave, and us, we all just stood by and tried our best to listen to what God was doing. He moved and made something incredible come together.

Lastly, as many of you know we just landed in the States and are gearing up for a tour around the country to help raise awareness for Bring Love In and the new forever families. The trip is literally a loop around the entire country, driving through something like 32 states.  And for months we stressed about what we were going to drive and how much it was going to cost to rent or buy a car for this trip.  Then, God like He does, made it happen.   The Putnam family from Redding called up and said that they have a minivan that they want us to borrow for our trip. We were overjoyed!  Then, we get here and see this thing, its not some junker either, it is a 2006 Dodge van and it even has a dvd player for the kids.  Needles to say they are overjoyed at being able to watch movies while we are on the road.  And once again we are stepping back and thanking God for the way that he moves and cares for us.

Silly things, like I kept thinking that it would be nice to have a iPhone so that we can find all the addresses that we need to find on this trip.  You know, one of those stupid things I should not even be wanting but I did…. Yeah, last week a guy from the dentist team that we had visiting in Ethiopia walked up to me and handed me a brand new iPhone.

We are in this season where we are just in awe of God and how he cares about us.  We don’t deserve any of it, and yet he just keeps pouring out his love and opening doors.  It all makes me really excited about this next year with Bring Love In.  Clearly God has big plans!

I don’t even really have a way to wrap this post up, only that I want to stop and take a moment to thank Him for being so far beyond what we could ever dream.   He is wonderful, beautiful, and generous!   And his love makes us want to get on our knees and thank Him for all that He is and has done.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped out to make all this come together.

We love you!