Hey all,

I hope you are well.   We realized today that its been a while since we did an all around update on Bring Love In and our family, and so we thought we would take some time this morning to write and do just that.   Good?  

Cool.  First lets start with Bring Love in because that is why we are all here, then a bit about our family and the big transition we are gearing up for.  

On the Bring Love In side things are going great, the kids are doing well and I can’t tell you how blessed we continue to be with our staff and their incredible commitment to caring for both the Forever Families and the Keep One Home Families.  We just sort of get to bounce in and out of all of it as we take care of the administrative things, which feels strange at times, but each and every time we get a chance to sit down and watch everyone at work we feel so incredibly humbled by their service and hearts for the families.   God was truly at work when this team was put together, and we are just amazed to see it all happen. 

The kids in our Forever Families are learning both English and French in School (along with Amharic) which just blows our minds, you would think it is too much for them yet when you see how much they have progressed and can now completely hold conversations in both languages you can tell that these kids are truly getting set up to be able to work in a global economy which Ethiopia is increasingly becoming and important part of.   

On the sponsorship side we have some openings for both Forever Families and Keep One Home sponsorships, over time there are always a few people who need to stop giving for one reason or another, if you feel like you can take on a family please let us know, we have everywhere from the $39 per month Keep One Home sponsorships that help keep a poor family together as a family unit through food medical and school support, and we also have our Forever Family Sponsorships that are for the families we created made up of widows and orphans, those help pay for everything that these families need from school to housing and food and a little salary to help the moms as well, those cost us $1250 per family per month and we ask sponsors to take on whatever portion of that they can handle, right now we are about $2600 per month short for the 9 Forever Families.  If you have a little extra space in your budget we would be so blessed if you could step up and help out.   Email nick@bringlove.in to get started.   We send out updates on your family every 6 months.

Speaking of updates, if you are currently a sponsor of any type of family at Bring Love In we recently sent out your update via email, please let us know if you did not get it and we will see if maybe we need to update our contact info for you.   Drop us an email at nick@bringlove.in if you did not get your update.

Ok, got all that?    Good!

For our family things are good….  Or at least that is what we tell ourselves while we remember to breathe.  We are in the middle of what is sure to be remembered as one of the biggest transitions our family has been through and that is bringing along with it a whole pile of emotions that we had not expected in both Jessie and I and our kids.  When we moved here our oldest was 8, now that he is 14 and we have 4 kids, there is a lot more processing going on this time around.  I would love to say that this is just all peachy and wonderful, and I am sure that once it is all over we will look back and cherish this time of re-looking at everything in our lives, but right here in the middle it feels like its complicated, and hard, and I guess we just need to ask that you pray for our family as we embark on this journey to move back to America.    In a few weeks Jessie and our three girls will be going on ahead of me and Nickoli our oldest to get things prepared and setup for us there, we will stay behind to finish up some things here like school and work and ministry stuff.     Please pray for us as we go into this new season that feels so unknown and new, all of us need some of the peace that only God can give right now.   

Thank you so much for your support of the ministry here, Bring Love In is thriving because of your prayers and encouragement, we are thankful to have you!   

Levi and Jessie