I am on the way out the door to a very busy day of running around and getting things done (or at least trying to get things done…) and I wanted to jump on here really quick and let you know something amazing.  I just logged into the donation site, totally not thinking anything of it, and guess what?  The van money has been fully raised!  How incredible is that?!?

This means that all but one of the needs that are listed on our needs page are now getting moved into the “Needs that have been met” area.

Seriously, this is beyond incredible!

Thank you all so very much for helping, it is wonderful to know that there are so many people who are getting behind this mission to give families to orphans here in Ethiopia through widows from the local churches.  Very little in this world excites me like this does!

Also, just a brief update on the seemingly forever-long project of getting our license here locally.  We have been moved (again) to a new processing agent, and are thankful to see that the project is finally getting the attention that it deserves. I am pretty sure that the last guy was not even reading the proposal before, because his comments were always way off… Like “Institutions are not good” Yeah, I am pretty sure he did not read the section where we talk about how our project is not an institution but rather new families for every child.

Please pray that this is the last go round, and that this new woman who is handling the proposal sees what it is we are trying to do here and passes us quickly.

Thank you!