After an exhausting few days we are officially storage free! When we first left for Ethiopia just over two years ago we thought it was only for a year and so we put about half of our stuff into a storage unit. Don’t get met started on all the should haves with this… But today we are officially free! The garage sale was a huge success. Thank you to Micah and Emily for letting us bring the hurricane down on their front yard and to Vincent Porras for showing up early to help unload and sell, and to Nickoli and Luella my two precious kids who sweated it out with me. Thank you all so much. And oh yeah, Jessie who stayed back with Ruth who is recovering from her tonsil removal surgery on Thursday. Thank you! We raised over 1000 for the project and we have no more storage unit. Hallelujah!!!

9 days to go before we board that plane to Ethiopia!!