You know that stretching feeling? The place where you come to when you are opening a new door, ascending into new undiscovered territory?  Its a good place to be, but its not always easy, there are moments of clarity yes, however most of the time it feels as though you are the deer and the headlights are coming at you fast.  Yet, I find that it is in this place where the growing happens, the true lessons of life are learned and you are finally able to reach the core of your heart where the script of you is written.

Its from that place that I come to you today, that new territory place where it all feels somehow askew, but you know God is moving and the radiation coming off of his movements are coursing through your veins and making every ordinary into the extraordinary.  And in this place we are learning to learn again, doing our best to listen to the messages and let God write the script himself and stop striving so hard to do it on our own.

We are excited about the new project, the past week has been a series of meetings with folks in town about getting things off the ground and figuring how its all going to come together. During this time it seems that every turn comes with more confirmation, sort of like driving down a long winding road you have never been on before and finally seeing off in the distance a glistening coming off of the water, the tell that you have made it to the ocean.

We are thankful for the emails we have received from many of you over the past week letting us know that you are with us on this journey, it helps with that headlights speeding your way feeling to have good friends step up and let you know that they are with you, praying for you, and that they feel you are going a good direction.

There are only a few days left before we head back to America for our time of rest and getting in gear for the project launch, we are cramming these last days with meetings to make sure things are ready on this end for when we come back here to get the project going.  Please pray with us that we get everything finished up and that we are ready to roll when the time comes to leave.

And thank you, all of you for being with us in this, no way could this happen without you.