Well, things are just chugging along and seem to be working like they should. It is easier to write about a new start up, or if there is a dramatic thing happening, or some kind of crisis. So, it can be hard to know what to write in this space but at the same time good things are happening everyday and we don’t want to forget about these amazing kids just because things are going well. It is kind of like the kid that is misbehaving and gets all the attention but the kid that is just going along doing what they should be doing gets ignored.

So, I thought we should just highlight the good things that are happening and remember why we do what we do and why all of us sacrifice to make these things happen.

The forever families are doing so well. They are functioning like a family. They are supporting each other, helping each other with homework, cooking and eating together, playing together. All the things that a family should be doing.

Why does this matter? We all know that a child that grows up in a family structure and understands the love of a family is going to do so much better in life. They will do better in school, they will know how to have healthy relationships, they will make more of their life because they had family support and love.

Another great and amazing thing that is coming out of Bring Love In families is that biological siblings get to grow up together. Before they were separated and never saw each other but they knew they were out there and they missed each other. Now they get to grow up together and be together. When you have lost as much as these kids have lost any connection is more important than ever. They do not take it for granted that they get to live together as a family once more.

We also see so much damage in kids who grow up in an institution. They don’t know how to behave in society because they have spent their days and nights fighting for basic needs. Our kids don’t have to do that and they have learned to trust that the next meal will be there, they will go to sleep in their own bed each night, their new mom will comfort them when they are sad or hurt, they will be warm and dry during rainy season, they will go to school with a uniform that fits, school supplies and a lunch packed. This was not their life before and it has taken some time for them to trust that it will still be like this tomorrow but slowly they are learning to believe. They can let their guard down. They can relax and play and have fun like a child should. These are good things and we need to take a moment and remember where they have come from and not forget what an amazing life change they have had.

Also, all of these kids are going to church together and learning about God. They are being taught scripture and being surrounded by other families that are gathering on Sunday to worship and learn about God. They also have a mom at home who is praying with them, reading the Bible with them and encouraging them to grow in their faith. They have hope and peace because they are surrounded by the love of Christ.

So let’s get excited about the everyday things that are happening and be thankful for the normal. Sometimes the everyday normal is worth celebrating.



Jessie Benkert