Last Sunday we got together with some friends after church, like I have said before when hang out with other missionary families it is more like counseling sessions than a party.  But it is still necessary, and to be honest I am not sure we would last most weeks without the help of others who can relate to our struggles.

Not that I am complaining, really we love living here and feel sure that this is the place where God has our family.  Just one look into the eyes of any one of the kids who we are helping and you know for certain that this calling is for real.

Anyhow, where was I.  Oh yeah, last Sunday’s counseling session.

So we were sitting there talking about blogging as missionaries, and how it is so hard to keep coming up with new things to write about because it feels all so routine after being here for this many years. I mean when you first get here you can go on for weeks about the donkeys in the road or about how you miss home, but now… Well this is home, and home always has donkeys in the road, and the water being out is old news.

After they left I started thinking more about this, and as anyone who reads this blog can attest, I am in the middle of a bit of a dry spell with my writing. I like writing and all, but there is only so much I can say about our new families before I start sounding like a broken record. I realized something though, as I lay there staring at the shapes cast on the ceiling by the florescent light outside.  I realized that the beauty of what we are seeing unfold before us is not all that exciting, in fact what we are doing is more about what isn’t than what is.

So I have a choice, I could write really interesting blog posts about howe we are rescuing girls who would likely end up prostitutes on the streets, or boys who would end up stealing to make a living, or I could just say “Thank you God for what is” And be ok with a less exciting story.   Because the truth is what is today is not drama, it is not the theme of an action movie that has you on the edge of your seat.  Sure there are more kids to go get, and as soon as we feel peace about growing beyond the 45 kids we have now, we will be doing just that, but in the mean time I am comfortable just writing about what is.

God is good, He is peace, He is love, and in these kids lives He brought peace, and love, and a new life that is just plain… well…. Ordinary.

And that is the way we like it.

To be honest the rest of this story, the part where it gets real interesting, does not come until years from now when we can point to our kids who are then leading this country, who are out there creating Christ-following-disciples out of those around them.  That is when the real action happens.

Today we get to be here and watch normal happen. Good old normal. And I could not imagine anything better.

I thank God for what isn’t, for what is, and for what is going to be because of what God is doing here today.