We asked Tsegey one of our moms if she could share with you a bit about her life in Addis Ababa with six children.  Tsegey was a widow and a year ago came to join us at Bring Love In and after months of  training she became the mother of six beautiful children, all of whom were taken out of a government orphanage here in Ethiopia.  I wanted to give Tsegey a chance to share her heart with you, she spoke through a translator and was asked if she could just tell us a bit about her life, and some thoughts on her new role as mama to these kids.


We live together as a family of 8: mom, aunt and six children. The children’s names are: Wendmagengn(10), Bruk(5), Hirut(9), Alemtshehaye(5), Belachew(5) and his sister Desta(12). We live in harmony with each other, accepting each other as family. Even though the children have an orphan background, they are happy and doing well. They feel like this is home. The government orphanage (in which they were before this one) was tough for the kids. They did not like that at all. Not all of the children are orphans. One of the children has a family who live on the street and another has a mom in jail (she visits her sometimes). But to these children this is home now and will be forever.

Spiritually, the children have grown so much! They like to pray and sing together. Two of the boys are very strong spiritually; they like to lead the family in programs and read Bible to everybody. Some other changes that happened since they got here, you can just see physically. Comparing a recent picture to an older one, the children are better nourished and they look happy.

We have weekly discussion and prayer times. During those times we talk about house rules and what direction should they go in. We talk about likes and dislikes and what makes them happy. Some of the children say that they don’t want to leave the house after school, they want to stay and take care of mom and aunt.

We feel very supported and we have everything we need. By serving this family we are serving God. God will fulfill all the desires of our hearts.

We would like to say the following to our American family:

We have no words to say how much you mean to us… Thank you! We lift up our hands to God and thank Him for you, every week. We even sometimes fast for you. We pray that God will bless you for taking this responsibility of taking care of us. We love you.



I can’t tell you enough how much this means to be on this journey with you, I could go on for pages here of our thankfulness but I think Tsegey said it best..