Did you know that an estimated 153 million children worldwide are orphans? Without parents, a home, or family, these children are sent to a government orphanage. Take a second and imagine it with me. 

The street is bustling outside a small building. Vendors, cars, men and women worried about what the day brings. To avoid the craziness, you take a step inside the building. Walking through the door, you are met with a stench of sewage and unwashed clothing. It is not any calmer here. Children greet you with smiles that stretch from ear to ear. The littlest children beg you to hold them, echoing a chorus of “up, up!” Some of the eldest children stand back, skeptical of why you’re there. They don’t get many visitors. You smile sweetly at them, hoping to relay a feeling of safety and love. You pray it is communicated. 

Eventually you move your gaze from the children’s faces to the home you are in. Looking around the room, it feels small, yet, very much overcrowded. It doesn’t take long to walk through the “kitchen”, living area and common space, all in desperate need of fresh paint and a deep clean. You quickly reach the bedrooms. Lined from wall to wall are twin-sized bunk beds, pushed tightly together. There are not nearly enough beds for the number of children you see in this space – you conclude that multiple kids must share each bed. Disgusted, you examine the mattress and bedding these poor children have to sleep on. Rough. All of it is rough. There is no possible way that each precious child could receive any amount of personalized attention or care. Your heart breaks. 

It is this that Elevate is taking the kids from. Now imagine a family. Imagine a loving widow, ready to pour into a child, invest in a future. Instead of an overcrowded, public orphanage, picture a home with 6 to 8 children, under the protection and leadership of two responsible, caring widows (“mom” and “aunt”). The children get to attend school. Uniforms are provided. Clothing, a mattress, and even a matching bed set to call their own. Not only are basic needs met, but each child is introduced to the love and security of a forever family and most importantly, the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ. 

This is Elevate’s mission. To rescue children from a government funded home and place them in a forever family with a foundation built on the Gospel. 

It has been some time since Elevate has brought in any new children. Investing so much into these kids takes time and money. In order to bring on new kids, Elevate needed to make sure the funds were there to meet each need. But, we knew God would provide. We are so excited to announce that he has! 

Bring Love In has welcomed five new children –  four little girls and one little boy. Tigest is just one. Danaiwit is five. Lidiya is seven and Tsion is six. Those are our little girls. Dawit is Elevate’s newest boy. He is five years old. Because of you, these five children now have a forever family. 

They are home. They are secure. They are loved. They are safe. Because of your support, these children will know what it means to be loved by a family and especially what it means to be loved by a Savior, who willingly laid down His life for them. Thank you! 

Thank you for giving generously and for living God’s calling to love orphans and widows in their distress. We are thrilled to welcome Dawit, Tigest, Danaiwit, Lidiya and Tsion home. Join us in praying for their healing, growth and eventual understanding and acceptance of Christ’s eternal gift to us. Their salvation is the ultimate goal. Pray fervently and often for them and all the other children at Bring Love in Ethiopia. Without your support, none of this would be possible – so, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Amen & God Bless.

Dawit – age 5

Cutting their celebratory cake! Welcome home!

In order from left to right (Danaiwit – age 5, Tsion – age 6, Lidiya – age 7, Tigest – age 1).

In order from left to right (Danaiwit – age 5, Lidiya – age 7, Tsion – age 6).

God be glorified!