Today we tackled a few project documents we got back from the government with mark-ups on them. They wanted a little more detail about the project and how it is that the American organization will interact with the Ethiopian side. We wrote several pages for them and explained more specifically the roles that Jessie and I will be handling on the local side. Its always of great interested to the local government to see how a project will interact with foreign workers, they want to see a plan for creating jobs locally *something we will be doing a lot of. And a concept that is truly sustainable long term. Its been shown time and time again; projects that are completely managed and ran by foreigners with no local staff who carry the vision and drive… Fail. Its just how it is. Its good to be able to answer their questions and have all of the bases covered, we are thankful for our experiences over the past two years in Ethiopia, we are applying what we have learned and its helping to shape a project that will stand the test of time.

So we have been working on getting that out today… Lots and lots of writing…

Jessie has been jumping into the new school year with the kids, they are excited to be back in a daily routine and it feels good as a family to have life back to normal. Anyone with kids can attest that by the end of summer, pretty much everyone is ready to get back to school again.
Jessie does an incredible job of teaching school, I am always amazed at how she steps up each year and figures out a whole new set of curriculum.

Its no easy task, one that I would not be smart enough to do.

Nickoli got a bed bug infestation last night… It happens around here about every 3 months, one of the kids gets bites all over. We clean out the room, wash all their clothes and blankets with hot water and we are usually good for another few months.

This morning the landlord came over with a crew to try and repair the roof. I have no idea what they did up there. We have a tin roof and instead of using more tin like you would expect, they mixed 6 bags of cement and headed up onto the roof with them. Hmmm…. Still trying to figure that one out. At one point I went up to see what they were up to and found one of the guys asleep in Nickoli’s room.

At the end of the day we headed to Red Bean to get some Injera for dinner. Yummy!