UPDATE: 11 of the 20 matching funds sponsorships are filled!  Want to help with one of the remaining 9?  Each month your sponsorship will be matched! 

Have you ever seen that scene in the movie Horton Hears a Who where all of the itty bitty people who live in a town on the top of a speck are yelling at the top of their lungs so that the people in the big world will notice them, and every last person in the city is crying out “We are here, We are here, We are here!” And for what feels like a painfully long time no one can hear them, and instead everyone assumes that Horton is crazy.

Sometimes our job over here feels a bit like we are Horton the elephant, like we are trying to get people out in another world to know of the people and the needs here in this world, like we can’t seem to get our message across in a way that will help people understand just how real these issues are, and how little effort it takes to change someones life forever.

This past month we have been talking about the Keep One Home sponsorship families, and how we are growing from 50 families to 150 families, and we have been trying to tell of the life changing transformation that happens in a family who is able to get sponsored.

Finally, it feels like the clouds have broken open and our message is getting through, today we have 23 families sponsored!  (Praise God!) But the good news does not stop there, starting today and through Thanksgiving our friends over at CrossFit CU in Champaign Illinois, (Yes, you read that right, they are from a workout gym) are going to be matching the sponsorships for the next 20 people who sign up.  Did you hear that right?  This means that for every new sponsor that we get from here to Thanksgiving CrossFit CU will then sign up to sponsor another family!    And this is not just a one time thing either, this will go on and on, month after month, after month!

Yeah, it’s pretty stinking cool, right?!   So, when I say that we have 23 families sponsored, what I should be saying is that with the addition of this matching sponsorship we are actually marching towards 100 a whole heck of a lot faster than we ever imagined!  Praise God!  (Sorry for my overuse of the exclamation point, I just can’t stop myself today)

So, once again we are here standing our our roof tops, pulling out our trumpets, and yelling at the top of our lungs, trying to get the whole world to understand that with the simple act of donating what amounts to the cost of eating out once a month, together we can change the lives of one family here in Ethiopia forever.

Will you yell with us today?  Will you scream with everything in you about this need and the simple way that people can meet it?   We need every voice we can get!

If you already signed up to sponsor one of our families you will be hearing from us by email with details about your family and a picture that you can put on your fridge to help you remember to pray for them, for the time being we are still working through the process of getting families processed and checked out to make sure they qualify, all while hiring the new staff to help manage these new sponsorships.  Exciting times around here!

Let’s yell extra loud today!

Click here to sign up for a Keep One Home sponsorship, for each family sponsored between now and Thanksgiving CrossFit CU will provide a matching monthly sponsorship for another family!