A little something we are learning around here is the fact that keeping 57 kids clothed is not an easy task, especially when going to the store and buying clothes that last cost so stinking much.  Ethiopia might be an incredible awesome place that has stolen our hearts in so many ways, but access to good affordable clothing is not one of them.   So yeah, pretty much this is always on our minds…   How do you keep 57 kids running around at school all day without holes in their shirts and pants?   We have made it this far through the incredible generosity of people who happen to be making their way to Ethiopia and offer to fill their bags with all sorts of clothes for the kids.  We have this room that we call “The Store” in our community center building and each week our moms get to come and go shopping (although they don’t have to pay for anything) for their kids.

The reason I am saying all of this, is that “The Store” has some shelves that are starting to look a little bare and we could use some more clothes for all these rambunctious kids.    Want to help out?   Cool. You rock!   Here is how it works.    There are two ways you can help.

1.  You can CLICK HERE to make a donation towards “The Store” Fund and we will use your gift to buy the things that are harder to get good donations for like underwear (because no child should have to wear someone else’s stinky underwear) and shoes, (we are all about putting good shoes on everyone everywhere in the world).


2. If you happen to be coming over to Ethiopia and have some extra bag space you can spare to fill with donations of kids clothes (come-on you know you can fit a months worth of packing in your carryon!) than we would love to hear from you.   Drop us a line at Levi@bringlove.in and we will connect.


But we need your help!  I be awesome if you could spread this post around the interwebs with us, the more people that know of this need, the easier it will be to put some clothes on these cute kids.    And because I mentioned cute kids, I have to share a couple of pictures with you so you can see what I mean.

Biruk Tewodros Bizuayehu Desalegn Kalkidan Million Selamawit Megistie

See, I told you they are cute!