We often make visits to the local government orphanages for one reason or another, and without fail one of the kids will come up to us and ask “When am I going to get to live in a family like my friends?”

If that does not just break your heart…

It is terrible to have to tell them, “I am sorry, we are not taking more kids”.

I hate it!

Now though we are ready to create more families!

We approached the local authorities and told them that we are ready to grow again and we are now approved to add two new families.  Our staff have been busy this week asking around the neighborhood to rent houses, and Thomas has hired two new mothers and Nasrawit our Social Worker started their training, so we are all ready on this end, but we are short some funds to make this happen. The total that it costs us is $5,500 to open a house, that includes the initial rent payment, beds, furniture, kitchen appliances, and even a little for paint and whatever the house needs, then it costs us $825 per month to operate each house.

Here is the deal though, we had a wonderful group of people from a Church back in America already sign up to pay for the startup and operation of one of the houses, and so we just need money for the second house.  (Can I get a; Praise the Lord!?)

We are working on getting these two houses open, and are going on faith that the funds will come in for the second house. That means in only a few short weeks I get to write another one of my favorite posts again, I get to introduce new families to you!

The next step is that we will start getting paperwork from the government orphanage on children that they want to refer to us, we get a chance to go through and decide if they are a good fit.  The same as last time we have told them that we always want to keep sibling groups together, and so they are taking a special interest in finding families who have been separated in different orphanages, so that we can reunite them.

Pretty neat stuff! We are all pretty excited to be able to help more kids like this, all the glory goes to God, we just feel blessed to be in the room watching Him come in and make this all happen.

Anyhow, we want to ask that you please consider making either a one time donation, or a monthly commitment to help us open one more house.  Also you can help us by sharing this around to all of your friends, the more people who know about these kids who we are helping take out of the orphanages and place in families, the more kids we will be able to help!

Click here to make a donation. Be sure to select “Forever Family Sponsorship” as your designation.

Thank you so very much!