I know I keep talking about this, and you are likely getting sick of reading the same chapter in the same story, but it’s just where we are at today and despite all the wishing and phone calls we still find ourselves playing the waiting game.

I was told that this is how it would be, and in our experiences over the past two and a half years here in Ethiopia we have seen it first hand, things just take time.

We are in this spot, this odd floating-in-the-middle place with our project processing at the government offices.  Our processor who was assigned to our file at this particular office has spoken to us several times and let us know how much she likes the proposal, and has indicated that its going to be released “any day”….. Yet we are still waiting and there is nothing we can do to hurry things along.

I am pretty sure if we show up to ask about the process one more time that they are going to be getting sick of seeing us.

A few days ago we had the opportunity to visit Jerry and Christy’s project (Embracing Hope Ethiopia) and I have to tell you it was one of the better days for us, a reminder that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel, and that the waiting will end soon.

Christy said to me while we were walking around looking at the beautiful home that they run the day care program out of. “I know it feels like it will never happen, but all of a sudden it’s going to feel like someone stuck a fire hose in your mouth and turned it on”

Their project took just over four months to get through the process, and from what we hear, since their file was processed a few of the steps have been streamlined…  Meaning that if we use their timeline as an example, (understanding that it’s always risky to create timelines in Africa) we could be done soon.  Today its been 10 weeks since we first submitted our completed project proposal…

I guess what I am trying to say is this; Pray that things happen soon, and that when they do we are ready for the fire hose.

Honestly, patience was never my strong suit. It’s almost painful to be here in this place, with homes sponsored, ready to take kids in, and only a few small steps standing in the way.

Today I am am learning to seek the lessons in this season, to find what God has for me here in this place. But I have to admit I am doing more seeking than finding.

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And just maybe, one of these days, those posts are going to get interesting.

Heres to interesting blog posts about something other than waiting!