Bring Love in now has 57 kids in 9 families, and the task of getting all those kids to and from school each day is no small feat, literally we fill up the entire school bus and then some.  For the past two years we have been renting a bus which has capacity for about 30, and that means piling the kids all in on on top of one another.  Yeah… Its time to do something about this problem.   On top of the squeezing kids issue, we looked over our budget realized that the cost we are paying in bus rental fees is not in any way you look at it a “smart expense”.

And so today we are excited to come to you asking for your help with a very real pressing need.   We are launching the Buy-A-Bus-O-Meter!

A super-cheesy name for a super-awesome cause!

We went out and did some shopping around and found that we can get a reasonably priced used bus in good condition with enough seats for all of our kids for right around $30,000, considering that we are spending more than $1400 per month on renting the too-small-bus we are using now it is easy to see that this is a smart use of resources.

But we can’t do this alone!  We need your help in moving the Buy-A-Bus-O-Meter along its path towards the goal.

Will you help us push this thing along? You can help by spreading this around to everyone you know, writing a short bit to your friends telling why it is that you believe Bring Love In is worth helping. If you are having trouble with the motivation… All you need to do is imagine yourself in a 1970’s rusty bus made for 30 with 57 sweaty children climbing all over you, and you should have all the words and motivation you need!    Are you ready?  Let’s do this!

Check back and peek daily at the little Buy-A-Bus-O-Meter up on the top of our website, and pray with us that this thing will quickly grow to the goal of $30,000!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Click here to make a donation, every little bit makes it move!