“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27 NIV


As some of you may have been reading about there has been some unrest in Ethiopia over the last month. Most of the protest and reports of violence have taken place in the north of the country. To date Addis Ababa has not experienced any of the violence and our Forever Families and staff are safe. Other than the start of school being delayed a few weeks everything the day to day operations of Bring Love In are normal.

If the unrest spreads south towards Addis Ababa this uncertainty will only make the problems for women and children in Ethiopia worse. The stresses of a life of poverty are magnified in this climate of uncertainty, Women are regularly widowed by death and being deserted by their husbands. Children are orphaned as parents don’t have access to healthcare. Children are also dropped off at orphanages in hopes they will get food and have access to an education their parents can not provide for them. Thousands of young children live alone on the streets as survive as beggars, laborers or houseworkers. Young girls often find their way into prostitution.

Creating new families by uniting widows who still have mothering to give with children who want to be loved and have a hope for a future is what Bring Love In was founded to do. We also work with more than 150 families to help keep children with a parent with our Keep One Home Program.

We are asking for you to pray for Ethiopia. We are praying that wisdom and diplomacy will win over violence, that unity will win over pride and selfishness. We are praying that this beautiful country will not destroy itself and the peace and Joy of Jesus Christ will fill the hearts of all Ethiopians.

Bring Love In is in Ethiopia because God gave us a vision to see James 1:27 lived out and we are here to stay. We are committed to the forever part of the Forever Families that God has given us. As part of the Bring Love In community we are asking for you to join us in this commitment. We need your prayers. We need your giving. We need you to share what we are doing. #praygiveshare