I realized this morning that its about time for an all around update post on here, there is a lot going on and I have not said much about it all.

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who wrote and was praying for our family while we were sick this past week, after taking down all but one of the six in our family the sickness has passed and we are all back up and running. Thank you all for your kindness and prayers, we appreciate it.   We feel spoiled by all of you!

One of the things that I really like about living here is that our evenings are quiet, we don’t have a lot going on after 5PM and there is just not much happening around town, so we normally end up at home where we play UNO with the kids.  We have a tournament going on right now where we are playing to 1000 points. (the first one to 1000 ends the game).  Somehow Jessie and I are both coming in last place so its pretty likely that one of the kids is going to get to be ruler for a day, meaning that we will be visiting the lion zoo and eating lots of junk food on that day.


We just got one big step closer to opening the first of our forever family homes!  Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the Women’ and Children’s Affairs office, and at the end of the day got some very good news!  They approved our proposal and gave us back all the documents we need to submit to the next office.  This is a MAJOR hurdle in the process to obtain the licens we need!  Now its off to Economic Development, and then to the local Kebele (Neighborhood Government).

While we were in the Women’s and Children’s Affairs office one of the staff told us that a particularly poorly run orphanage in town was in the process of being shut down, it was terrible to watch from inside the office as people ran around trying to figure out what they were going to be doing with more than 50 children all at once.  Several times one of the office directors came to where we were sitting and said “I really wish you were open, I would place all of these children with you”   Oh, how I wish we were open as well.   It hurts my heart to think of all these kids having to move into the already overcrowded government orphanages.   We are praying that soon, becomes sooner so we can help ease the overcrowding.

We are getting close enough now that we need to start looking for houses, yesterday we went to see a few and get a better idea of the type of house we can expect to find in our price range.   Here are a few pictures that I took, the place is perfect for one of our homes, just what we were looking for.   (sorry the camera on my phone is pretty lame)

Unfortunately when the landlord saw my white skin, the price doubled, so we are not likely going to be getting this exact place, but this gives you an idea of what we are looking at for the forever families to be living in.

The neighborhood is nice and quiet, there are a few good schools within walking distance and plenty of small shops to get produce and other things they will need.   Just the right place for a new family to settle in!

The rainy season is still upon us over here, we are all toting our mud boots and trudging through the puddles. Somehow we have avoided getting the little car stuck so far, but yesterday I got very close.  The lesson I have been learning: Inertia is everything, a car in motion stays in motion, if you hit a mud bog going to slow you are likely going to be staying in the mud bog. (Just in case any of you plan on taking a super compact car mud bogging and time in the near future, keep my tips in mind)

Ok, thats it.   Thanks so much for joining us in this journey, we are happy to share it with you.  Also, if you have ever considered sponsoring a forever family, now is the time!  We still have nearly $1000 left in our monthly matching funds grant so every donation you make will be doubled every month!!   Thats for real! Not just one time, not just this month but every month!

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