Some worlds never collide, they coexist, but don’t blend.   Like water rushing under a bridge, the road may pass over, but you don’t have to get wet on your way across.

But what if you were meant to get wet?  What if you were missing out on the very point of coming to the river by passing over it?

Imagine for a second with me.

A bright morning sun, it’s light rising over the top of the hills in the distance, it’s fiery intensity dulled by a thick smog that hangs in the air. Somewhere behind you a dog barks, the noise rustling a nearby rooster that crows in reply.  Smoke rises from the cracks in the rusty tin roofs of the shanty style homes that spread out before your eyes.  A small child wraps his small arms around your leg, sharing the moment of peace with you before the morning rush begins.

He is one of six children that you care for in the home, each of them unable to express their gratitude, unable to comprehend the second chance they have been given.   You turn, head for the kitchen, the boxes of food piled hight spur a thought that brushes past you, a memory of where you were only a year before.  The scarcity, the struggle, is it really all behind you?  “Has it only been one year?” You say, speaking in a hushed tone.

In the doorway to the kitchen three children appear with wide smiles across their faces, the smallest of them once dwelled inside you, the other two are rapidly burrowing their way into your heart.  A heart that is now being given the chance to expand.

Where you once had no hope, you are now learning to give hope to others.


Now imagine yourself somewhere else.  Thousands of miles away, at the very same moment.

Here the sun is making its final descent before your eyes, flashing its last burst of energy before disappearing behind a wooden fence.  The day is over and you are exhausted.  You have been running since early this morning.  “Where has the day gone?” You say to your self under your breath as you look out the back door, watching the peacefulness of night take over.

You slide your shoes off and roll your toes, your feet ache, the day has worn you thin.  Your kids area already in bed, you are exhausted.  For a brief second the thought of a woman thousands of miles away flashes in your mind. You think of her day, just beginning.  A smile turns upward on your face as you think of six children being given a chance, each of their names come to you and you say a quick prayer for them.  You sit at your computer and type out a quick email to a friend. “We should gather together and give Tesfaye a break, give her a day off at a spa or something”  Your exhaustion becomes instantly transformed into action, a reminder of another.  “She might want to get her hair done as well!” You add, smiling.


It is these two worlds, so far from one another, so different, yet they need each other.  Two pieces of a puzzle, together becoming something more than when apart.

Bring Love In is building bridges, helping make connections between communities.  Not only will we provide a way for you to sponsor children, but your community can band together to support a house.  Both worlds becoming more because of the other.   Becoming true community, ignoring borders.

Some worlds were made to collide.