We are always on the hunt for creative ways that we can support Bring Love In, don’t get me wrong, our donors are simply amazing and somehow the ends always end up meeting despite how impossible it may look sometimes, but we just love it when new ideas come around that both help spread the word, and support the ministry.

This past week we learned that Amazon.com approved our ministry as a registered partner, and that if you use this link, a portion of every dollar that you spend will be donated to Bring Love In!   Super cool huh?!

Bring Love In

Want to help out by spreading the word? I am sure most of us use Amazon for one thing or another, this way we get to support Bring Love In at the same time!

Next is a story that I think is just the best. A few weeks ago we were contacted by Aselfech, a woman who was adopted from Ethiopia several years ago, she is now turning her heart towards helping the country she came from. I won’t share more and spoil it all for you, just go to this link and check out what she is doing to help. Its pretty neat.