I am one of those people who thinks the glass is not only half full, but that it is also going to keep getting more full if we wait…   I don’t know why, I have just always been wired to look forward more than back, and as you can imagine I get myself into trouble sometimes with this.

Anyhow, I realized today that my moving ahead mentality has sort of left a bit of a void here on the blog.  Whenever I sit down to write I always want to talk about the new things we are working on, instead of talking through the things we are already doing, things that you likely helped to support.

Today, I am going to go back a bit and review some of the projects that you have helped to fund in recent months, and give you an update on where our wonderful staff are at with implementing these things, and add in a few things I just forgot to mention for good measure.

(And yes, I am even going to use numbered points. Despite the fact that my personality would much rather drawings on a blank white sheet of paper…)


1.  Growing more forever families 

A few weeks ago we made the announcement that we were adding two new families, about 12 hours later you all rallied and got behind this effort and both houses were not only funded for their startup, but monthly commitments were made to pay for the operating expenses as well.   Let me just stop right there and say that God is so stinking good!  We are thankful for all of you, and your generous hearts!


These past weeks have been busy around here, our staff have been all over the city ordering furniture, appliances and every other little thing needed to make a house a home, or in this case, two house into homes.


We signed a lease on the first house, and are still searching for a good rental for the second one.


Our application for the transfer of children has been submitted to the appropriate offices, and the new mothers have already started training.


Stay tuned for more updates on these two new houses, we are hoping to be done in the next few weeks (taking into account that this is still Africa… it may be a little longer than that.)


These two new houses will be our 8th and 9th house, adding somewhere around 12 (waiting for approval on the numbers) new kids to our already swelling ranks of 45.


Pretty neat huh!?


 2. Ok, this next one goes way back…   Purchasing a van for Bring Love In

At the end of 2011. (yes, that long ago) we started to money to buy a van. We were super excited when all the funds came in, however at the same time the government started to crack down on a new law called the 70-30 law.  Basically this means that 70% of your budget has to go directly towards project related expenses, like child care, food, or medical items… The van ended up on the wrong side of this little chart and we were told that we could not fit a van purchase in the 2012 budget.   We had to wait until 2013.




Here we are, 2013 is here, and after more than a month of year end paperwork, we are ready to start the new fiscal year, and ready to buy that van! We bought our van last week, and are working on getting the license plates done.


Gotta say, good things come to those who wait.  It has been a long year of using taxis, and hitching rides for everyone in the office, this is really nice for them to be able to use this van now for all things Bring Love In.


3. Keep One Home sponsorships

This one is not really much in the way of an update on something pending, more of a praise report on something that is up and running.   As you have likely read, and may even sponsor.  We have fifty families in our Keep One Home sponsorship program, these are families who are at bottom rung on the poverty charts, and our sponsors help them with just enough support to keep their kids home, and help them move ahead.


I have been so blessed recently to watch as these families come into our office for things like medical checkups, and to get their support, they are all thankful for the help, and it warms my heart to see so many families able to stay together, and see a brighter future because of your help.


I also want to mention, we had some trouble with our email lately (one of the joys of living in Ethiopia), so if you are a sponsor and have not received an email from us with a photo and details of your sponsor family, write me and let me know, we will make sure to get it out to you again.  Yours likely got lost, and we would be happy to try sending it again.


4. Helping remove a scar

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our last post about the little girl who needs surgery, we are looking in to several options right now, and hopefully will find a way soon to get her the treatment she needs.    I will update you all more as soon as we figure out what it will take to get a medical visa for her.  I should know something soon.


5. Visiting Ethiopia

A while back we mentioned the teams that we will be having come over, there are still a few slots remaining, and we would love to have you come!   All you need to do is send Caleb David and email to let him know you are interested.



6. Our daughter’s heart condition

A while ago we wrote about our little Everly, who we adopted here in Ethiopia, and the heart condition that a doctor recently discovered.  This week her and I will be traveling to Texas to see her cardiologist and get another test, this is a big one as we will be seeing how far things have changed from her last test.  Please pray with us that things go well.

7. I am sure there is something else I am missing here…  

Do let us know in the comments here if you have any more questions, or if I am forgetting something.   We always want to stay in touch as much as possible.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with us!   We are blessed to be doing this with you.