You know those scenes in movies when the main character comes up against some sort of challenge that he needs to train-or study-or focus hard, to get through, and all of a sudden the soul inspiring music starts in the background and everything that once seemed so hard wraps up into a push through moment that saves everything?

Yeah you know the ones.

Think Rocky II or III or I or whatever. When there is no way that he will beat the other guy (Sorry, I don’t know my movie history that well) but then all of a sudden he starts getting up early every morning and running up and down the stairs…  The music starts in and inspires deep down inside you and despite all odds…  Yes!  That beautiful victory is his for the taking now.

I am feeling like we need one of those right now big time. Or else. I gotta be honest with you.

I might just lose it here.

First off there are my Amharic classes. I just really wish I could take the next year of school, play some Enya music in the background and fade out to a scene of me speaking perfect Amharic to a group of locals who can hardly believe their ears.  Smiles all around while we then move on to the next part of the movie which of course now needs subtitles because I am just so flipping good at Amharic that there is no way you would understand what I am saying.

Or there is the other thing.  The government office that just to happened to switch employees at the processing desk where they print licenses and replaced our kind, experienced, excited-about-the-project clerk with a kid who looks like he might not be more than 18 and has literally no idea what he is doing….   Que Top Gun soundtrack and roll the scenes of the new guy having his big epiphany about the importance of this one project on his desk, he then comes back to work the next day with a big smile on his face, pulls our file, prints the license and calls us to congratulate us ahead of time for all the positive good we will be doing for this country.

In the next scene we all line up in the street outside the newly furnished Intake Home and instead of “Move that bus!” We all yell “Bring in that bus!” at which time a busload of smiling happy children unload.  Of course we all have tears streaming down our faces and cannot even get over the beautiful redemption that is unfolding before us.

Seriously though, Monday we head back again to meet our new “friend” at the government office, and hopefully get something more than a blank stare…  Please pray that this guy finds his head and prints the license.   Either that or would someone just cue the music and fast forward past this part please?