During the past two years Steve and Stephanie Gregor have been our anchor back here in the states, they have lovingly prayed with us during the trials and have tirelessly told the story of the orphans we were helping to as many as would listen, in hopes that more people would come along side us as we tried our best to serve them in Ethiopia.  There are some people that give until it hurts and then give some more, Steve and Stephanie are some of those people and I can not even begin to explain how thankful we are for them.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of spending the day with the Gregors and their house full of children. As you can imagine, although we know them well we don’t get much time to hang out together being that we live on the other side of the world. Just to sit down and talk face to face after so long was a treat for all of us.

A month ago the Gregor home started to break open at the seems when they accepted three foster children into their family with the intent to one day adopt them (if the door opens). We felt blessed to be able to talk with them about this experience and swap stories of what its like to have children adjust to being in a new home under your roof. It truly takes a different kind of dedication to do something like they have done as a family. We were inspired by Steve and Stephanie and their undying devotion to these kids and the process of helping them stabilize, the adjustment phase is always rough to be sure, and its not just tough on the kids who are coming into a new home, the ones who are already there and are now having to share their parents and rooms are going through a major transition time as well.  It warms my heart to just sit in their living room and talk with them as they share the real raw experiences they are going through right now, and then in the middle of it to see the smiles on their faces when one of the new chosen children comes in and gives them a hug for no reason, its as if you can see into their hearts for a moment and you can feel that the simple gesture of a hug from a little boy who has known so little love in his life up until now, is enough. It becomes worth every minute, every struggle for just that one fleeting moment of a side hug from a five year old boy. There is a beauty to watching a family open up and take in a child that can be found no where else on this world, a simple beauty.