This morning I happened to pick up an old ‘Our Daily Bread’ booklet today and noticed the bold print across the bottom, the words there got me thinking.

Its not through our strengths that God uses us but instead through our weaknesses.

I must have heard this about God a thousand times, but for some reason reading this again today sent a shock down my spine.  I realized as I stood there holding the wrinkled, water stained book in my hands, the one that I had not even picked up to read but was only moving from one place to another in an effort to clean up the place. I realized that I actually thought it was my strength that God wanted, I saw deep into my own soul for a moment and saw that my intention was to bring my “Super Person” to God and he would use my “Super Skills” to do something really amazing, something that he would otherwise not be able to do.  The realization was crippling, humbling at the deep core of me. “He does not need me” I thought to my self. “He is not waiting around to use me to do something amazing, its him that is amazing, and its in my weaknesses that he will shine”  I thanked God for showing me this little truth in the middle of my day, I needed this really bad right then because the truth was that I have doubts every day about why it is that God might want to use me, I wrestle with the reality that I on my own am not going to ever be worthy of him using me. I try in my mind to come up with things or “skills” that he might want me bring to him for his glory, but I fall short.

I write this not to say that I think less of the beautiful people with more skills or talents than me, or that their achievements somehow make God not like them. I write this to say that I was inspired again by the reminder that our God uses us because we are weak not because we are strong, he loves us no matter what and wants us right in the middle of our weaknesses, not after we have conquered them, and the truth is that we all have weaknesses that God can use for His glory.

I am thankful for a God that wants the weak, because I am weak, I am at the top of the pile when it comes to people with faults.