I have mentioned several times in recent weeks the driving theme that keeps coming back to us as we plan for this project and pray about what it will become.

Made For More.

Its like this bright flashing light keeps illuminating the sky with those words, not to be ignored.

At first when we started talking about this concept we were excited for folks on the sending side of things, we thought that the mission of helping others to see that they were made for more would be a major part of what the Bring Love In community was about.   But…. There is, we are finding, more to this story.

Stop with me for a second and think through the three circles of people who will make up the community here.


  • The orphans   –  At the end of the day, what we are truly passionate about is giving what is ours to help orphans in need.


  • The widows  –  The vision that has been coming together is one that not only helps orphans but also trains widows, women with no opportunity to thrive and gives them purpose.
  • The senders  – Thats you!


Bring Love In is a community made up of all three circles.  Each playing an equally important role, each intrinsic to any success that may come.

Now though, back to what I was saying earlier about being Made For More.   Take a moment and go back over that list, look at each circle of people in the community, think for a moment what that particular circle will gain from a fiery passion burning in their hearts, a passion to stand up and believe that “I Was Made For More!”

Its potent stuff, its what keeps me staring at the celling each night, unable to sleep.  I am just to excited.