You know the verses about seasons and how there is a reason for each one, and how we need to learn to embrace those times in our life.

Today we are learning about seasons, particularly the planting season, the time when you do nothing but give into the ground.

I is a season to till the earth, break your back and wear out your oxen trying to get the seeds in the ground so that they will one day grow.

But the thing is, we are learning not to despise it but rather to love the planting time, to pray for each seed as we place it in the ground to thank God for the rain that will come in its proper time to make the seeds grow, and for the great big ball of gas that circles our planet giving life as it passes nearer and farther in the seasons.

“You little seed, you will grow big and strong, you will become a leader, you will multiply, you are blessed, and you will create blessing in your lifetime.”  We say as we hold each seed in our hands and drive its tiny frame into the soil.  “God, bless this one too”

It is all beautiful music when you step back and look at it, harmonious symphony of life written and performed by our great big God.

Not only does he provide the seasons, but when we press hard into Him, when we get down on our knees and thank Him for the everything that he has provided us, he gives us the ability to sing in the planting time.  To till the earth and smile at the same time.

I am thankful for seeds to put in the ground, thankful that the harvest will come one day, and thankful that when it does come it will be in God’s perfect timing.

My hope, deep down in my soul yearning, is that when we do start to harvest, I would never take credit for any of it, that I would remember this planting season, and the seeds that he placed in our hands, the dirt he gave us to till, and the water and sun that he provided from heaven.

No, we are not farmers, but somedays I feel like we are, I can see a perfect correlation between the government meetings that we attend, the paperwork that we deal with day in and day out, and the big ox that needs to be lead down the fields it pulls the plow.

The same sun that burns and sends us into a miserable sweat while we plant also causes the seeds to grow.  I am thankful for all that God has provided.