I have been writing and re-writing the post in my head that I was hopefully going to be able to put on here after we got the documents signed yesterday. We were so sure that the approval would happen that the house mothers spent the day preparing food for the kids…  Yet, it is with a heavy heart that we must come to you and tell you that things did not go as we had hoped.  Instead of getting our documents signed we were greeted with a confusing run around.  The marathon must continue.

I will not get into detail here, as it would be counterproductive to air it all publicly.  But we want to ask that you pray with us for the person who has our documents and the power to allow us to start placing children in these new families.

Needless to say we are weary today, and our family could use your prayers as well. We were certain that this would be the week when we started getting children, and we do not have it in us to run another lap without His strength.

Later today we are scheduled to go back into the office and hopefully get more clarity on what it is that is holding things up, and what, if any steps are necessary on our end.

Please pray with us, there is clearly a war going on spiritually over the good that will come into these kids lives.  And please share this with your friends, so together we can cry out to God for Him to intervene.