I just need to gush on my son a bit today.   I know I am impartial, being his dad and all. But really if anyone has a right to give this kid some compliments, its me.  I do after all spend most of every day with him.

A few days ago Nickoli and I went trucking up the bank of a river in search of some rapids that we could brave together in our tiny raft, we were walking through a patch of scorching hot sand and our feet were on fire, the raft we had with us was only made for sunbathing in a pool, so neither of us were quite sure how this was going to turn out. But as we walked, I looked over at him and it hit me.  This kid, at ten years old, is one of my best friends.  I love spending time with him.  There is really nothing else I could say that would be more of a compliment than that. Not to mention the fact that he is already smarter than me. (Scary smart)   Thats it, just wanted to jump on here and say that I am a proud dad today, thats all.