It’s 6:45 in the morning and we need to leave the house in 45 minutes to head over to pick up the Ethiopia Smile team, we have been working to organize this trip for the past 6 months and now that they are finally here we are running around like crazy keeping up with things.  There are 55 of them here on the trip, and they are setting up free clinics in different places around town, doing free dental care for people who cannot afford it.  Today we have over 300 people patients scheduled.   And a list of about 30 things that are still not done to get ready for it.

I almost skipped this update, but there is just too much to tell you right now.

First of all Setota was released from the hospital yesterday!  Her mother brought her back home for the first time, and it was the most beautiful thing to be there and watch it happen.   Both her new mother and aunt have been taking turns staying with her at the hospital for the past week, so she was well bonded with her new family already.  I wanted to write a whole post about how blessed I felt to be able to be there when she came home for the first time, but this picture will have to do today.   This is Setota with our four kids, we all went over to visit her at her new home just after she arrived.  (I think Luella *far right* is in love)

The ten men in our homeless men’s project are doing great, I went over and spent an evening hanging out with them last week and it was amazing to see how far they have progressed since they first moved in two months ago. They are all digging into the Bible every day, and four of the ten have pass their entrance exams to attend drivers ed training.  The others are studying hard and hope to be able to take their exams in the coming weeks.  Their home is simple, just mattresses on the floor, and each of them have been given a few new pairs of clothes, but it is just right for where they are at, the first step of getting off the street and into a new life.

A man from the church has volunteered to be the house dad, and has moved in with them into the apartment.  That has been a great help to all of them as they now have role models in both their bible teacher, and now their house dad.

Thank you so much to all of you who have given towards this project, good things are happening, and so far all ten of the men who started out in the program are still here!  Please continue to pray for them, they still have a long road ahead of them.

In just ten days we head off for America where we will be doing our tour around the States.  Our kids are pretty excited that we get to go drive all the way around America like this!  If you want to try and see us while we are there check out the new “Summer 2012 Tour” link at the top of the page here, hopefully we will be stopping in a city near you!


The kids who we have been told are going to be transferred into our project are still in line to come in soon.  They tell us that the paperwork has all been filed and is finished, they are just waiting for school to let out before they move them.   Please pray for the house mothers who are gearing up to have a major transition time to manage.  It is both exciting and overwhelming to think of all these kids coming at once.

For now we have two homes going, and our intake center can house up to ten children, we have funds ready, and mothers identified to open three more homes, but we will be waiting to open them until the children are here.  From what they tell us these first five homes that we have sponsored now will be full in a short time.  From there we hope to be getting many more homes sponsored through the tour this summer.

Ok… Long explanations here, I know.  But I don’t want this blog to just be my gushing about things, but I want to make sure you know what is happening and are able to understand what it is that we are doing over here.  Just a few more here, I promise.

Anna Palsgrove, the amazing woman who has incredible faith and is stepping out big time for her 30th birthday, has the goal to raise $30,000 by the end of the month, her plan is to sponsor two Forever Family Houses for two years.  So far she has raise over $9,000, and with 11 days to go, this might actually happen!  If you have not had a chance to see this moving video, go check it out here.  

Lastly, this one I am pretty excited about, and also a bit nervous too… I wrote a book and it is getting released in a few days!  I am nervous because I think I may have been just a bit too honest in the book, and that a great number of the people who read the blog here are going to read the book and go “oh dear, he is a mess” and then disappear into the sunset.

But, I think God uses messes like me.  And so I wrote a book about how he took our family and even though we did not have things all planned out, and didn’t know what we were doing, and came into this with head full of wrong ideas, He came in and did something anyway.

Take a look at the book trailer here…  Yes, book trailers are a thing…  Who knew right?

If you want to buy a copy of the book, here is a link.  

Ok, I think that is all I have for today.  We need to run and start getting ready for the dental clinic today.

Thanks for reading