Not that I am whining or anything, but this is just craziness.

So get this, its Sunday morning and since Thursday the power has been, well… Not exactly off per say.  But not really on either.

It basically has come on for about 15 minutes each day, just long enough for the kids to celebrate and pick out a movie to watch…. Then just as they sit down, popcorn in hand, blankets tucked tight under their chins to fight off the cold.  Bam!  Its off again.

We have this tradition around here, sort of our way of coping with the jet lag.  We have a few days where we let the kids watch lots of movies.  We figure if they are having to go through all the torture of changing time zones and traveling for 39 hours, they deserve a little down time.

Nope, not this time though.  Right now my computer is telling me that it only has 11 minutes of battery life left…  Can’t even let them watch a movie on here.


So lame!