I don’t know why we are surprised every time, it is almost like we forget last time.

Every time.

Yet here we are again, seeing the kind of provision that only God could be a part of.

Last week we posted about Beletu, and shared a bit with you about her story, but we also talked about how her home, the one that she is the mother of that is made up of her and seven former orphans.  And already the need for the monthly support for her house of $1200 per month is now down to only $495!  Pretty neat huh!   See why we get all excited every time this happens?  It is amazing to us how people come out of the wood work to help these forever families in Ethiopia.   We moving fast!  Praise God for everyone who has stepped up to help with monthly donations for Beletu and her family.   If you would like to help us reach our goal by making a monthly donation towards the $495 that we need to fully support Beletu and her family please click here. We would love it oh-so-much if you would come along on this journey with us to provide families to widows and orphans in Ethiopia.

Thank you!