Imagine for a second what it would be like to wake up in an orphanage.  Both your parents are dead or gone. All that you see around you is all you will ever see.   This is your life.

Now, imagine someone came in and helped, gave you hope, someone who loved you and wanted the best for you.  A mother.

That is exactly what Bring Love In has done for 57 children who were once living in government orphanages in Ethiopia, with your help we have been able to go in and get these kids and give them back the most important thing that was taken from them.


Please watch this video and then share it with everyone you know, and help find sponsors who will come along side us in supporting these forever families.  We need the help of an army of people from all over the world, people who will stand tall with us to help these kids.

[vimeo 96525134 w=480 h=320]

Will you sponsor a family made up of widows and orphans in Ethiopia?

We need you.  

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