Remember when we asked for you to fast with us because we were ready for kids to come into our new families, but they were taking a long time?   Yeah, that is NOT the case any more!

Today I found out that 11 more kids were just moved from the government orphanage into our Intake Center!   Meaning that now the two homes that we already have set up, and the three more that we are in the process of getting opened are all going to be full!

This is wonderful news!

I will share pictures as soon as I get them, but for now wanted to share with you that these kids arrived and to ask that you pray for them.

Also, we could use some donations to help cover the setup costs for the third house, through Anna Palsgrove’s fundraiser last month, we have funds for two of them.   The total that we need to setup a house is $5000.  That pays for all the setup up costs including furniture, kitchen supplies, appliances, and prepayment of rent for the first year.  (Sounds strange, but that is always how things are done in Ethiopia)   If you would like to help with the setup costs please make a one time donation to “Sponsor a Forever Family” on our donation page.   Click here to go there.

Thank you all so much for making this happen!  What an incredible blessing it is to watch this grow so quickly and know that so many kids are now being given families.

God is good!