A week ago we made a major upgrade on the digs.  And we could not be more thankful for the timing.

Before I go any further, I need to say for the sake of my in-laws that I truly love them and we are thankful that they let us crash at their place for as long as we did.  But as you can imagine, the two of us and our four kids are sort of like the house guests from hell.. When we move into a place we MOVE INTO a place.   They never said anything to us, but I am pretty sure that I know what they were thinking…. Its not hard to guess.

Last week though we were blessed to have a neighbor of Jessie’s parents offer for us to stay in a little rental house of theirs until we leave for Ethiopia.   Even though its a tiny two bedroom with a loft area it feels like the Buckingham Palace to us.  There truly is something about having your own place that just makes life more peaceful.

We have been using our new found peace to work more on the project and getting things in order.  We are finding that being this far away from where the actual work is going to be happening with orphans is tough, so this move was a welcomed boost in productivity around here.

Its funny, the house we moved into is sort of a top of a muffin…  (I know, strange metaphor to use for a house but hear me out)  What these people did was build a garage where they could park their RV, and after that was done, they sort of though that they might want to build a house on top.   Then, the amount of space was a bit tight so they decided to let the house area hang off the sides of the garage area.   It just kind of hangs over on the sides, all the sides.

When we moved in they told us that it was a Birdhouse.  I think they called it that because it was up in the trees and feels a little like a Birdhouse.

Anyway, we just moved into the Birdhouse, or the top heavy house or whatever you want to call it, and we are loving it.