Since we began, since the idea of creating families from widows and orphans in Ethiopia was just that, an idea, we have spoken of how we wanted this ministry to be sustainable.

But gosh I hate that word, I hate how it has been used to mean so many different things over the years that it could have a hundred different meanings to a hundred different people.

Yet, for lack of a better word, I am sticking with this one.


But I feel I need to tell you what I mean when I say sustainable.

When we dreamed about providing families for orphans, we wanted these families to be permanent.  We knew it would be worse than if we ever came if what we gave to these children was only temporary.  Just like our own children are always going to be just that, our own children, we made a commitment to these kids who we are placing in families that they are always going to be in this big extended family of ours, and we will never stop caring for them.   No, I am not trying to say that our family has adopted these kids, they now have new mothers, but financially, and holistically  they are our responsibility.

That is what I mean when I say sustainable.

There are several things that come to mind when you think of how it might be possible to make a commitment like this to a child.  For one you need to be sure that you are not ever going to run out of funds, second you need to know that the care you are giving these kids is worth them sticking around for, meaning that our moms are the most important people in our ministry, if our moms are not doing their jobs well these kids are out the door the first chance they get. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is how committed you actually are.

I need not tell you stories of how often Ethiopians have seen foreigners come in with good intentions, only to later move on leaving more destruction than good.

You get my drift here?  This, creating families from widows and orphans, its serious stuff.  And the commitment that we (you and us) made, it is just as serious as the commitment we made to our own kids when we gave birth/adopted then.

Forever I will provide for you, forever I will be here for you, forever your needs are my needs.

Every morning I get an email from E-giving, the donation processing website that we use, the title of the email is “Donations have been received for Bring Love In”. Every single morning this happens, and I open it up and thank God for the blessing that is the more than 200 people who have signed up to allow a monthly draw on their account to help with the ongoing costs of caring for these children, and the thousands of others who have given one time gifts to set up the ministry.

Today I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has given to make family possible for 45 orphans who otherwise would have grown up in a orphanage, I think in truth most people who have given so generously have no idea just how amazing a blessing this is for these kids, and for those of us who have taken on ourselves the weight of caring for these kids.

The weight of “forever” , is so much lighter because of all of you, and your generosity, we pray every day that God would reward all of you for the way you have opened up to these kids.