I think the people at the Secretary of State are going to ban my phone number… I am maybe just a bit excited about our non-profit finishing up soon, I can hardly wait.  I have called their office what I am sure is one to many times.  “Are you sure you have everything you need?”  “Would it be faster if I came down to the office and waited?”   Yeah, am positive they are sick of hearing from me and that they are going to stop answering my calls.

But there is something about getting that official document in the mail, the one that says that the project is for real, and that we can really start.  Its huge.  I know that later on down the road its not going to feel like this was really all that big of a deal, but today it does.  And the last I heard, we can expect to that the waiting will be over in just about a week.  In the mean time I will remain here and bite my nails a bit more.   That is sure to make things go faster.

You can be sure that I will keep you posted..