One of the neatest things about living in Ethiopia is all of the amazing people that you meet and the incredible work that you get to see happening.  Like we talked about in our last post, Ethiopia is quickly moving out of poverty and transforming into something totally new.  It is in part because of people like Ian and Brittany Bentley that this transformation is taking place.   You see Brittany and Ian, like us came to Ethiopia with a passion for helping this country, and for them that journey has brought them to the place where they are now employing many Ethiopian women to create all sorts of neat products that they are selling in their new company Parker Clay.  Recently they came to us and asked if we could partner up to launch a new limited edition line of baby blankets, for each blanket that they sell they will give one to one of the kids in our program.  We think its pretty awesome, but you don’t have to take our word for it.   Go check out the Parker Clay website to read more about what they are doing to help Ethiopia, and the neat products they are making here.  And if you have any babies in your life you are going to want to see these Ethiopian made blankets, like I said, the softest you have ever felt.