When all this ends

The day my body is laid to rest

The click of a coffin clasp stealing earth’s light from my body forever

This journey of mine, it will then begin 



The question of what my life means, and what it will be worth at the end of my days on earth, is never far from my heart, I think upon the end because I know that this time and the beauty I have seen here on earth is only a shadow of the epic splendor that is God, and the joy of being with Him. In the same way a ray of light that pierces through the curtains in the morning cannot contain the grandeur that is the blazing sun, this earth cannot contain the beauty of God.


Only heaven can, and so I can’t help but think of heaven.


When I look around this earth, and consider the things that inspire me here in this place, most of all I admire love for the undeserving.

True love.

My heart is stirred by acts of bravery for one in need.

I admire courage and true unselfishness.

When I step back, I see that these things inspire me so deeply because they remind me of the way Jesus stood up for us when he took the punishment that was ours, heaped upon himself what we deserved and gave us something beautiful instead.



At my funeral, the party in my honor that I won’t be able to attend, the one that I hope will be a long time from now, I want it to be a celebration not a sad day, a day for dancing because of the new day that has begun.




The fleeting-nature of this world and our time here is something I never want to forget, I want to think and breathe this life through the lens of eternity. Yes life here may feel like forever at times, and the foggy picture of what is to come often slips from view, but to let go, to stop striving to see the beauty that is eternity with Him is to miss the point of life entirely.


A life lived through the lens of now is a life wasted.


I think of the forty five children that we have placed in families at Bring Love In, the innocent children who are getting a glimpse of Jesus’ heart for them and I realize that I consider my tiny part of what God has done in their lives to be my proudest accomplishment.

No, I am not patting myself on the back here, I am just as much a sinner in need as the next guy and I in no way mean to claim something that He has done as my own, what I am saying is that when I see these kids in new families, when I look at these widows and how they have grabbed onto the hearts of these children and become a family together with them, I see a little bit of heaven here in this place, a shadow of His love so deep and rich that I can almost make out the features of His glorious shape and form.


It is through the transformation of a child who was once an orphan that I see the clearest view of God here on this earth.


He is so very good, and I thank Him for the beauty that He has brought in the middle of a fallen world through the ministry of Bring Love In.

I am inspired by Him and I want to be like Him in this way, to take punishment for another, to have courage, to be unselfish, to offer what is not deserved to the;


the broken

the widow

the orphan

That the world would see the beauty of eternity with Christ through our actions, through our love, this is perhaps the greatest goal we could set out to accomplish on this earth.