Today was the tipping point for us, when we went from rolling the snowball around trying to make it big enough that you could actually call it a snowball to actually sending the thing down the mountain.

We signed a lease on our new intake center / office building, and we took the very first withdrawal out of our project bank account here in Ethiopia (trust me this is a much bigger deal than it sounds!) Several of the key management staff have been hired and are starting to be trained. And today we had a team in town from Florida that helped us finally crack open the door on the great big donation room and work to sort through things in preparation for the children who will be coming into our care.  As I write this I am literally sitting in between mountains of kids clothes, diapers, toys, and medicines.   All of it makes me happy!

I literally found myself jumping with joy several times today as we watched these great big giant pieces come together, I wish you were here to share this with us.

Yabi and I were driving to a meeting early this morning and he looked over at me and said, “All this that is happening right now, it is not just a little deal, God is moving here!”.

I don’t even know what to say here, except that I am thankful for God’s mighty hand in all of this, thankful that He helped point out the right mountain to push this snowball down, and thankful that He has never once let go of us, despite all the messing up, and falling down that we do along the way.  He has been here every step!

Tomorrow we get started on cleaning the intake center out, we negotiated an especially good deal on the rent because the place was such a mess, and so we are going to dig in and see if we can clean the place up and get it ready for kids.  We are aiming to have it set up for around 20 children to be able to live there at a time while they transition into their new families.

I will be sure to post pictures of the new place tomorrow as we work on it.

Also, the broker is going to show us some places for the new forever family homes, I will try and remember my camera when we go to see those as well.

Thanks so much for everything! You are all a big part of this that is happening, and we are excited to share these experiences with you.