For many-many years I have been telling people about how amazing my wife is, dropping hints in any way that I can about her being the real heart and soul behind the work our family does, and pointing to her every time someone asks the “How is this possible?” question.   Not that I am not excited myself about what we do, it is just that Jessie has this knack of hearing from God, and is passionate about being part of a family that really, truly serves Him with all our hearts.  It is without a doubt because of her fierce faith, and love for God that we do what we do.

And so, this post today is a really special one to me, because during those same years that I have been talking about Jessie to anyone who would listen, I have also been the one doing the talking. It always seemed to come naturally that I was the voice, and she was the heart.  Great plan, as long as God does not place a fire in your heart to step out and be more vocal about your faith and passions, like He has been with Jessie.

And so, it is with great pride, admiration, (and to be honest giddy anticipation), that I have the privilege today of announcing that Jessie is going to be sharing the blog here with me from now on!

Let me be the first to say, that things are going to get a whole lot better around here now that this is happening.  Those of you who know my wonderful wife will know exactly what I mean, she has a passionate love for life about her that few on this planet share, and when it comes to orphans, she can tear down the house if that is what it will take to bring redemption into a child’s life. Getting a glimpse into her heart will be sure to stir something inside of all of us.  I must warn you though, reading what she writes might border on dangerous to the safety and security of your life.

Will you join me today as I cheer on Jessie, (who also happens to be my favorite person in the whole world)?