I sat down here to write something long, to pour my heart out in this big post about the big-ness of God.    I have been feeling the tightness of his grip around my life this past week, the beauty of his hold in me and I thought I could write for you about how it feels.   Yet, as I sit here to write I find my words fail me.   My attempt to open my heart up and draw a picture for you of this love of his is futile.   God is so much bigger than all this, so much more than we can explain.  I am thankful for him, so very thankful, but I can’t begin to explain him.   I can only be thankful for him, for the beauty of life that he gives.  Thankful for this chance to exist on this world of his.

Last week me and a good friend climbed a mountain in Utah and I as soon as my foot stepped onto that ledge on the top of the peak I felt as though I became an ant on a world so large, so beyond me and anything good that we attempt to get done during our time on this earth.


He is beautiful, huge, beyond us, yet he cares so deeply for each and every one on this earth.

Watching the news this week, Beiruit, Paris, it is easy to feel things are out of control, to question the system, the plan, the big picture.   Yet He is still God, he is still charge.  The world is a fallen broken place, and for as long as people have walked the earth there has been a battle for civility, a struggle between good and evil, yet not once has God stopped being God in the middle of it all.  I don’t have answers, I don’t have a clue how this all can get fixed, but I do know that God cares for everyone, no matter where they were born, no matter what they believe, he is still there, loving.  And he wants us to do the same.

To love.

If we do nothing else with our lives lets do that, lets love others, love all, lets care so deeply that the walls come down.