Logistics is a funny word isn’t it?  It feels so… well logical, and important.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend about how often we think of missionaries as people who are standing on the street corner handing out tracts, or those who spend their days preaching the gospel.  When the reality is that for many people our gifting is more in the area of logistics or management.  Don’t get me wrong, all sides are important and necessary, from the grocery store cashier who makes friends with their co-workers and sends a small check each month to help missionaries in Belize, to the woman in Lesotho who is working to translate the bible into a tribal language that no one outside the area understands.  All of it is important.  But today as we embark on opening two more houses, as we go out car hunting for a vehicle that we raised money to purchase over a year ago, (but weren’t able to purchase because of the ratio of administration vs. project expenses that our budget was showing when we reported to the government), I can’t help but get on here and write about how important and key well planned logistics is to making any effort a success.

Ours is a calling that is mostly measured by how well we manage people, how attentive we are to details, and how committed we are to making and following plans. Yes we are passionate about the kids, we get our fuel from watching children who were once orphans now thriving in families.  Still my favorite part of my day is when the kids all unload from the school bus, big broad smiles across their faces as they run, not to me, but to their mothers arms and tell of what they learned in school.

I love that.

But I also love the logistics, I thrive on the meetings where we discuss our plans are for the next months, I get fired up when we talk through budgets and determine what areas we are going to be able to spend money, and how it all affects the lives of our families, I am passionate about planning for the long term, and get an adrenaline rush from seeing the big picture playing out in the every day.

I guess what I am trying to say is that  being on a mission, and spreading the love of God to those in need often looks more like a business plan than you would think.

Ok, got to go, I am off to a day of meetings and budgets, nothing like you would think of missions, yet everything it should be when we want to see generations changed by God’s love.