This month Nasrawit our social worker has the great pleasure of going out and getting to visit each of our Keep One Home sponsor families and ask them a bit about their lives, and the changes that they have seen in the past year after their sponsorship started.   As you may know, we have a program where we sponsor fifty families in our community, all of them when they came to us were caring for their families on a salary of less than twenty four dollars per month.

Hang on, I need to stop right here and tell you more about Nasrawit our social worker in Ethiopia.  She has been with us since the very beginning and has just the most beautiful heart for kids, she has a degree in child psychology and is a great blessing to us. If you have ever been to Ethiopia and have had the chance to allow me to give a tour of our office you will have noticed that I always make a point to stop in and show off Nasrawit’s office, because she has this awesome shelf where each child’s information is organized like a library.  Its beautiful!  Anyhow, Nasrawit is rad…   Where was I, oh yeah, she has been going out this month and meeting with each of our families and finding out what progress has been made in their lives.  As you can imagine, while most of them are doing great not all of them have shown improvement in the past year, some of our the families are still struggling with mindsets inherited through generations of poverty.  We are standing with each of them right where they are at, and asking God to continue to make miracles happen for them. This is often what it means to walk with the poor,  progress is never easy, especially for the ones who are first in their families to try and build their way out of the cycles that have oppressed for so long.

Far and away the best news is that all fifty of families who we sponsor are still together, meaning that the intent of these sponsorships, to keep these families who find themselves in desperate situations from having to leave their children in an orphanage or abandon them in hopes they will be taken care of, is actually working.  We praise God for that!

If you are a Keep One Home sponsor you will be receiving an email in the next week or two with updated photos and information about your family.  In the mean time I wanted to share with you what Nasrawit learned when she met with Fantu and her daughter Ashenafi this week.

Ashenafi is one year and eight months old. It’s very difficult for a single mother such as Fantu to be able to go to work and also raise a child as there is no one who can look after her child when she is away for work. She also can’t afford to hire a baby sitter. Therefore, she has to choose the type of work that would allow her have her child with her while doing her work. Therefore, Fantu described that her income was never consistent and she faced lots of problems before she started getting support every month from her child’s sponsor. She said that it helps her lot to make a living and provide for her son with everything he needs. She is very happy and is grateful to her sponsor for the support. She wishes all the best for her sponsor and said that she wants her warm greetings to be passed to them.


Good things are happening, and we are blessed to be getting a front row seat while God moves! But more importantly we would not be seeing any of this happen without your support, Thank you!