There is one very important part of what we do that you absolutely must understand if you are going to read, support and be a part of the mission that Bring Love In has taken on.   I won’t waste words as this isn’t rocket science, but rather one of those simple key principles that makes us who we are.

Bring Love In is an orphan care ministry yes, we care for children who were former orphans by pairing them with widows to make new families.  All that is abundantly clear, yet when someone asks me on an elevator what it is that we do at Bring Love In my answer is this;

We create leaders

Simply put, the one most pressing, dire, dry-throat-in-the-desert-for-water need that Ethiopia has, is not money, its not orphan care, or  food-aid, it is for leaders who will think differently.   Local, home grown, eyes to the heavens leaders wh0 will stand tall in all areas of society, business, ministry, government, in their communities and every corner of the country and make a difference.

So when we say that we create new families, what we really mean is we raise up leaders, we build an environment where each child can not only move past the struggles that have shaped their life, but they can also look ahead and dream about how to change their country.

All of our kids go to an amazing christian school where they are being groomed for college, each is learning English, Amharic, and French, and believe me when I tell you these kids are smart!   We have 7 full time tutors on staff just to keep up with the thirst they have for learning.  School is not enough.   But we don’t stop there!  We have men from the local churches who come spend time with the kids, showing them a role model of Godly nature, and then there are the counseling staff who help with each child’s development.  I could go on and on!   Point is, we are serious when we say that we are raising up leaders, we are doing everything possible to make sure the kids in our forever families have everything they need to thrive.

So, is Bring Love In an orphan care ministry?  Sure thing, but is that the end game?   No way!  We are looking far down the road, past the today and tomorrows and on into the years to come, providing answers for what comes next in Africa.

Want to help create leaders with us?   Great, we would love to partner with you today!

Etagegn is one of our moms who has taken on a family of her own, kids who were once orphans but are now being groomed under her care every day to become the leaders that God has called them to be.   Her home is in need of sponsors who will come along side her and commit long term to help with their monthly costs.   Are you willing to help make leaders with us!?

Click here to set up a monthly donation that will go towards Etetagegn’s family and their needs.   There are no leaders under development at Bring Love In without you and your support, you make this all possible.