I got an email today from Jerry Shannon, he and his family live in Ethiopia and have started an incredible ministry to help the poorest of the poor.  Jerry is one of those guys that I love hearing from, he and his wife make living in Ethiopia so much easier for our family and we miss them terribly.  Jerry and his wife and are the kind of people that make you want to pour your heart out, I think its because they always seem to know how to help when you find yourself in a bind.  (Something that is all to common when working in Ethiopia)


Anyhow, I realized something when I was reading his email, I realized that Jerry has this knack for inspiring me to stop for a moment where I am at, to just stop and look out at the horizon. A reminder to focus on the big picture, and ask myself if I am in the right place.

Is this where I am supposed to be?


Am I headed the right direction?




Today I want to leave you with a simple thought.




Are you looking at the mud that has gummed up your steps, or the sunrise on the horizon?