Before we learn to simply love we must first learn to love simplicity.

We will never become the shining light to this world that He sent us here to be when we are dragging through life a trailer full of things that we value more than we value His direction for us.  We need to be willing to let go-to be free of the clutter that holds us down, before we can learn to love like He does.

Think about the things in your life that you place more value in than you should.

We all have them.

Things that weigh more than they are worth and yet we continue to trudge through the moments of our life with them in tow.

Frames of our life that are meant for beauty are cluttered instead with ugly things that don’t belong. Like a beautiful mountain lake scene with a heap of old mattresses piled in the picture.

God intended our lives to shine, built us for more in this world, designed us so that we would be known by our love for others. But instead we have this crate of “things” that we haul around, collect, admire, idolize.

We don’t realize that these things are standing in our way.

I want to make room for him, give him freedom in my life, but if I am bound tight by things, and commitments that don’t allow me to move freely as the spirit moves within me, I stop the work that he could do through me before it even begins.

We are all guilty of this.

The heavy-things are different for each of us, same with the special set of callings and strengths that he has put inside us, everyone of us was made individual and beautiful in our own way. Yet there is a common thread we all share deep inside; its a quiet alarm that sounds when we cross the line-when we have put to much value on things, and not enough value on the purpose that He has for our life.

I write this today as a man in need of some clutter cleaning, a man who’s little alarm is ringing inside.

And I want to listen to that alarm, to do something about it this time.

I want to learn to simply love, to give when he asks no matter how much or how hard, I want to learn to love simplicity so that I might breath every breath of mine in rhythm with His. My heart burns to be free so that I can be fully His.

Its time to loose the extra weight, commit to Him first and let the rest follow.