The thing that no one ever tells you about traveling with kids is the sleeping walking, maybe its just our family and no one else goes through this… but its pure craziness.

A few nights ago Nickoli our 10 year old came bursting through my door at around 1AM, “What’s going on?!?” He said, his face scrunched up like he might start crying.“Nothing, Nickoli” I said as I stumbled out of my own bed.“Just go back to sleep” He looked at me with a puzzled look. “But how many of them are there?” He asked, now getting closer to tears. “Just go back to bed” I said, desperately wanting to get back to sleep myself. “But how can you prove to me that its going to work?” He said. “Just go back to bed….” I replied. “You have to tell my how you know this is going to work, what proof do you have?” He said “Just go back to bed” “But Daddy, if you are telling me this, and you are so sure of it, you have to be able to tell me how you know its going to work.”

“Ok” I said, giving in to his persistence. “I know that you are very tired, and that you have been traveling for days and that you missed a whole nights sleep, so I am pretty sure that once you lay your head down, you are going to fall asleep” He looked at me, his eyes fiery, and he turned to head back up to his room.

I laid back down, hoping that I might get some sleep myself. A few minutes passed in silence and I decided that I would go upstairs to see if he had actually found his bed. Instead I found him in a fetal position in his sisters room laying on her empty mattress with no pillow, blanket or anything. “What are you doing in here?” I asked, hoping that he had some logical answer. He stood up and walked back into his room, I followed behind, thinking that I would show him to his bed and be done with it. Instead we found that his bed had been stripped as well. “Where is your blanket?” I asked, now completely perplexed. “I don’t know!” He exclaimed, still very much asleep during all of this.

After about 10 minutes of searching around the house I found it in his other sisters bedroom, tucked neatly behind all of the clothes in her closet. I finally got him back in bed and went to my bed, not 15 minutes passed when I heard more… Yes more! this time rustling going on upstairs. I went back up to see what it was, and found his bed empty, the blanket and pillow were there this time, but no Nickoli. I started to call out his name, but got no response. The power had gone out since last time I was up in his room so now I was looking around with only a flashlight. I checked the other two bedrooms. Nothing. I made my way into the bathroom and found him standing looking at the wall. “What?!” He said, in a voice that sounded like I was the one who was weird.


All this in one night, and with one kid. His sister is just about as bad as he is, not a single night has gone by since we arrived 7 days ago where the are not up walking around the house.